Love, my favorite oxymoron

Published April 25, 2012 by simplyytee

urgh, I just don’t get you sometimes! I’m clearly confused. Why must you torment me so? Like I have no soul? like “We” wasn’t in your vocabulary and I didn’t exist? You are that definite maybe. I just wanted us to be alone together! To be showered in you and to submerge myself knowing that open secret. That you may hurt me if I didn’t protect myself. I am no fool you see, but even fools fall in love. I was found missing, under the barrier it built so high over my heart to withstand your tribulations. u weakened me under his spell and then i knew. You were my only choice, that constant variable in my life that I could not live without! You’re my larger half oh love! It’s a risky game, but I’ll choose you every time. ❤

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